Friday 7 October 2016

JAT Masonry Hiring Mason

Posted by at 5:56 PM

JAT Masonry is seeking more exmployees.  We are currently filling positions for: Mason.

Apply today by sending resume to [email protected]

Position information:

Job Description for: JAT Masonry

Job Position: Mason

Reports to: Business Owner

Job Purpose: Mason is responsible for completing construction projects with the use of building materials. Projects and materials include, but are not limited to: concrete, brick, stone, block, cement, mortar, landscaping pavers, retaining wall materials, stucco, stamps, and sealers.

Mason Duties: Has ability to follow plans, blueprints, or owner orders. Shows up on time and ready to work. Practices safety laws and makes job site safe for other workers. Prepares job site in a correct manner before work. Demonstrates correct masonry techniques during project build and finish. Has knowledge and experience working with masonry building materials. Possesses the ability to lift heavy objects. Has the ability to work in construction zone conditions. Completes tasks on time. Is self motivated and driven. Has the ability to work as a team and lead a team. Takes care of tools and job site conditions, cleaning each at the end of workday.

Experience as a Mason needed.